Pregnant with Possibilities

My cipher is swollen with potential today. I am ripe with the juice of a new day, and will progress with a wis-dome, understanding, and the power to manifest change.


Urban Kween!

Okay ladies I got a brand new site for you. If you are into exotic jewelry made only for the Urban Kweens we are, you must go to this site ( I have decided to purchase different things but my favorite is this ring. I love it because it is very original and it is art for your body. Check out this website and let me know what you think of the Urban Kween Colleckshun Jewelry.

On Being Proud

There is something powerful about being proud of who you are.

In SL, we’re able to don different costumes, transforming into everything from fae to fowl; some choose to start their virtual journeys being exactly who they are, and some by taking on different roles. In any event, personalities are not as forgiving or secretive, and you soon learn about the person behind the screen. Everything in me screams PROUD BLACK WOMAN, from the actions I take to the interactions I seek; that’s who I am today, who I was before, and who I will be in the future. Problem is that, well in SL, it seems that if you’re too proud there’s another name for that- troll.

I had the misfortune to have a conversation with a group of people about ethnic names. In real life, my name is Lynnesha; yes, an ESHA baby from the 80’s, my name has been butchered over the years in the worst way, and given my name in world (Aaliyah), I have grown to be a bit defensive about the correct spelling of one’s name. Given my personal affliction in regards to the conversation I had with a group of freebie hunters, the summation of the argument amounted to me being too full of myself and my name; I was advised to have chosen an easier name to spell.

This rant may seem a bit disconnected to its title, but it comes full circle here; since when was it noted in society that I’d have to revise my identity to fit into a preset? Call me an agitator, but there’s some racial undertones there that I can’t shake. Should I not be proud of my name because its too ethnic? Should I consider changing my name because a society dominated by a conformist culture is too illiterate or lazy to spell it correctly?

No. I am proud of my name, heritage, and generational past. If my afro, my name, my skin color, or anything deemed ETHNIC offends you, I’d advise you to check yourself. Maybe my pride reflects my ego, but at the end of the day, I can do nothing but be ME. I could give a – if you feel it.

With Love,
Aaliyah ♥

What is Black Beauty?

What IS black beauty?

I saw that I hadn’t posted anything on this wonderful blog. So, I waited for some inspiration before I began to write down my thoughts and the only thing that popped into my head were the words, “what is black beauty”?

We are all beautiful, all of us as a people. But, my question remains unanswered. This question may in fact be too large or too massive to completely find a resolution within the confines of this blog.

However, I feel that if you walk away from your computer and you walk up to the nearest mirror and look at it then you will see the defintion in your flavor of black beauty.

Stay Nappy!


Random Nappiness: Valerie Jefferson

Here’s a few shots of one of my avatars in SL, Valerie Jefferson. Her afrocentric styles helped to broaden many a fashionista’s horizons in the SL fashion industry:

Hair: Street Dermatology, BooN, Place Unknown (will update once I remember!)

With Love,
Aaliyah ♥

The Nappy Queens Are HERE!

Welcome to the Nappy Queens blog! Whether you’re natural in SL, RL, both, or none yet, we embrace you with open arms, and look forward to sharing information with you that may help you on your hair journey. This blog comes from a place of pure love and adoration for natural hairstyles and the representation of those in Second Life ™; we aim to show you the best and brightest in tightly coiled ‘dos from some of your favorite designers, and some you may not know!

We have an in-world group that is gearing up to meet in fellowship and support of all women in their hair journeys; our saying goes that ALL women are NAPPY QUEENS, because not all hair can be permed! Look us up and get in with a group that will support you through each stage of your hair’s development. For those of you who choose to be nappy divas only in SL, we welcome you as well! Help us spread the word about braided, twisted, coiled, and kinked styles that you find around the grid.

Check out our links to the right, or click the about us page to learn more about each of the author’s hair histories; whatever you do, keep us in your blogroll as a source for not only SL hair advice, but for real life fellowship and support!

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